2001 Photos

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  1. January 1, 2001, first club ride of the year....who lets a little snow stop up?  Barb McKee, points leader.
  2. Dealing out the poker hands: Frank Quinn (Poker Ride 2001)
  3. Receiving poker hands from "dealer" Frank Quinn during a chilly Poker Ride.
  4. Al Edleson and Ed Onyshak during the Poker Ride.

  1. Greg Turner, Dane and Briton Douglas prepare to depart Palmieri's afer a break from a training ride.
  2. Rick and Barb McKee stand behind Rick's new bike, built for Rick with the Campy Record Gruppo Barb won for being the 2000 Club All-Around (Points) Leader.
  3. Another event, another picnic: Ed and Dane enjoy the nice weather at the Frenchtown Pavilion after the Sprint Time Trial.
  4. Cyclists have nice butts - Poker Ride early April - Joe and Ed

Joe's Bike Repair

Dennis Peterson and Pete Rizzo get ready for the Poker Ride

  1. Poker Ride - early April.
  2. Frenchtown Sprint Time Trial, Late April, 2001 - Waiting at sign-in - Frank Q., Joe B., Briton D., Rick M., Dennis P.
  3. Frenchtown Sprint Time Trial, 2001 - Gathering at the start
  4. Frenchtown Sprint Time Trial, 2001 - Lining up to start

  1. From Frenchtown TT: Dennis Peterson, next to start.
  2. From Frenchtown TT: Larry Gephart waits for his countdown at the start.
  3. From Frenchtown TT: Large turnout of racers receive final instructions from Barb McKee (kneeling) at the start.
  4. Dane and Briton Douglas, Rick McKee and Dennis Peterson at the turn-around point for the club Metric Century, 2001.

  1. Summer Series sign-in.
  2. Summer Series sign-in: Frank, Bob Peters, Austin Armstrong
  3. Matt Nelessen, Joe Palmieri (mouth open, natch!) and Doug Resnick wait for their scratch time to roll around at the summer handicap road races.
  4. Club pro, Gui Nelessen, and club superstar, Austin Armstrong, relax at the Summer Series.

Club Guru, Frank Quinn, raking it in - collecting entries at the summer series.

Matt Nelessen and Doug Resnick waiting for scratch at the summer series.

  1. Jeff Payton, Pete Rizzo, Kurt Owen and Mike Herzog at the summer series.
  2. "Streets of Somerville" - club-sponsored criterium which takes place on East Main Street, Somerville, for Citizens through Cat. 2's.  This race is held the morning of, and a couple blocks east of, the more famous Memorial Day Somerville Crit for pros.  Here the Citizen/Cat. 5's line up at the start.
  3. "Bon Voyage" to Larry Gephart - July 2001.  Larry replaced Rick McKee as the club expat in Belgium and will be returning to NJ in the fall of 2005.

Larry Gephart, American expat in Brussels, Belguim,
and his going-away cake, July 2001

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